Northern Beaches Music Festival Heading


Performance Times

1.30pm, Sunday

5pm, Sunday


Strange love indeed, to find an Irish-born, classically-trained harpist, Cliona Molins, deeply engrossed in the music of Latin America, in particular Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil & Portugal. Cliona plays a para-celtic harp - in common use in Latin music - and is taking it to the streets!

Her passion attracted singer & ukulele player WendyTwibill, who was fascinated by the 4-string quatro & vihuela instruments & their fresh, compulsive landscapes. Wendy also convenes community choirs in her local area of the Northern Beaches.

Bassist & vocalist pierre luniere adds the third voice to a luscious harmony block & clearly relishes the groove potential inherent in the Latin repertoire, coming from a background of Soul, RnB & funk – he can't stand still in performance!

Let's be clear, this is not a Latin cover band. Strangelove's repertoire ranges from pop covers to original compositions from all players, and a wide collection of familiar standards from the Latin lexicon!

Visit Cliona's web site.