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1pm, Saturday

3pm, Saturday


Multi-instrumentalists BluesAngels formed in 2010 to bring original and authentic acoustic folk blues/jazz/roots/hokum to the Central Coast and beyond. 

From jug band to jazz-infused New Orleans shake, Chicago blues bellow to bluegrass bounce, plugged or unplugged, BluesAngels will warm your whiskers with their backhills bemoaning and beatnik beatitudes. Guitars and gobirons, mandos and banjos, swingin' sax and creampuff clarinet, the Beatles bass, and a thimbleful of washboard waling, spoons, kalimba and the SMILE junkyard drumkit, it’s trad east coast blues the way we don't often hear it; pre-WW1 songcatchers matched with post-WW2 blues-bashers and modern times' funkin’ rootsabilly. 

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“The BluesAngels-what a great kick off for Andrew Strong and The Commitments at The Entrance Leagues Club last night! Here’s Tom Flood, nice and clean with the washboard, banjo, harmonica, guitar, and assorted vocals. Pixie man – charismatic banjo, harmonica and washboard man. Then there’s Cec, the seated Cec Bucello, perched under the mandolin, banjo mando, guitar, above the stompbox and behind much of the singing - versatile and talented string and stomp bluesman. Lost almost in background where you always find the double bass, Smilin’ Frank Russell – I smiled at him once when he wasn’t looking – but I didn’t see Smilin’ Frank smile once {although I am told he is a barrel of laughs} even though I was looking all the time (apologies Dylan Thomas). Who cares, Smilin’ Frank’s bass playing is tops and right in there. So, a trio, bluesy and swampy. It is what it is, rustic, thimbled, skiffled with percussion and assorted acoustic strings. We luved 'em.” - John Snelson (Get Shot Magazine & Radio)

“I grew up watching Sonny and Brownie, Taj, R-Bone Walker, Jr. Wells, Albert King and so many more live at the Ashgrove in Hollywood, Ca. My childhood friend and bandmate was Juke Logan (harp) and we played with Gene Vincent among others. Later he would go on to play with Etta, Muddy, JL Hooker, Albert Collins, Ry Cooder, Los Lobos, Lucinda Williams, Dave Alvin, and many many more. He passed recently, but would have loved the original soul you inject into the blues you play. Your music is pure, raw, dusty and rusty dirt fun... and I can tell you guys are havin' too much fun!” - Lucky Jack, USA (Reverbnation 2015)

“BluesAngels packed them in and left them calling for more. The Troubadour was full to overflowing on Saturday 26 February. No wonder. The Blues Angels were playing. These are not just one of the best groups on the Central Coast – they have a unique and amazingly captivating sound that marks them out clearly as one of Australia’s leading original acoustic music groups. At their heart is Tom Flood – singer, poet, and multi-instrumentalist (banjo, guitar, washboard and blues harp), who brings an extraordinary charisma to the blues and gospel-inspired down on your luck music that the BluesAngels do so well. Together with Frank Russell on the double bass and Cec Bucello on a mean-sounding guitar, they played haunting and evocative jazz-era and blues-inspired music that was often original, yet always had a feeling of familiarity. It had us all crying out for more.” - Prof. Michael Fine (Troubadour Folk Club, 2013)