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Performance Times

1.30pm, Sunday

5.15pm, Sunday


AKoVA reminds us of something we were told during childhood but have forgotten; the best thing you can ever be is yourself. He believes music has the ability to do much more than entertain. Dubbed the "Rhythm King" by music media. His lyrically outstanding Alternate folk melodies are driven with high energy beats. Seducing us into listening to the deeper meanings of our life. Inspiring encouraging uplifting. We believe AKoVA's a gift of the times.

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"I put AKoVA’s album on and realised I had my album of the year. That’s where my love affair for his music began. Listening to AKoVA's music is like sitting with a spiritual guide. The world needs to hear his music.” Therase - Noosa FM AUS

“This guy is sic!” - Ash Grunwald

"We're excited to hear more from AKoVA in the future." - NeuFutur Magazine USA

"Australian artist, AKoVA knows how to touch the hearts of the people with his music. His unmistakable acoustic beats have entertained wide audiences, and we wanted to know more." - Electrowow USA

“AKoVA is a master of enveloping soundscapes, while leaving room for the listener to fall into the songs and become one with them. His message is always courageous. Impossible not to root for.” Andy Gesner - HIP New York

“He doesn't quite sound like anybody else. I was sincerely blown away. I sat there wondering how he knew that last song was exactly what I needed to hear? This man is brilliant and everyone should buy his album. This is my review. This guy is gold floating down the river - just waiting to be plucked and shared.” - Sacred Lab, Music Blog AUS

“AKoVA’s welcoming vibe has a worthy place at ‘Summery’ festival gatherings universally. He’s a natural showman. Any act to get people dancing like no-one’s watching is always welcome in this crazy world.” - Forte Magazine AUS

“This one man roots machine is adventurous and playful. Bringing the party simply by seeing how much sound he can project.” - Timeoff

“Akova was not what I was expecting but what I was craving.” - Beth Jane