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Sadie & Jay

Sadie & Jay
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2pm, Sunday

4pm, Sunday


Brisbane duo Sadie & Jay perform beautifully crafted modern folk songs with exceptional vocals, intricate finger style guitar, bouzouki and double bass. With roots in the Anglo-Celtic tradition, their music is tinged with blues, roots and occasional theatrics!

Their third album, "A Passing of Seasons," is a work of Australian contemporary art, an album bursting with colour, texture and spirited characters. Sadie & Jay have been awarded national & international accolades for their songwriting. Songs from all three of their albums have been finalists in the Australian Songwriters Association Awards. Touring highlights include headlining Hamilton's Folk Festival in NZ and during their third UK Tour this year they are invited guests of Whitby Seafest and Broadstairs Folk Week.

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"One of those rarest of moments - from their first notes we knew we were in for a treat. Beautiful harmonies, skilful and inventive instrumentalists, amazing songwriting. No wonder they are held in such high regard." – Michael Fine (Troubadour Central Coast)

"...the best of Australian contemporary folk music that you could purchase. Few artists pay such exquisite detail to the total soundscape. This album will leave delightful sounds echoing in your head long after you have stopped listening to the actual tracks. This is Sadie & Jay’s musical gift to you. And, just like their other recordings, this album is all about the songs." - Alison Bell (Vice-President of Brisbane Folk History Project)

"They capture Australian stories, past and present, with sensitivity, subtlety and a wonderful talent for weaving a tale. These are exquisitely crafted songs, musically complex and emotionally powerful and their total effect is quite breathtaking. Sadie & Jay craft music that is insightful and highly original, in an intelligent and deeply moving way." - Susan Jarvis (Country Music Capital)

 “ 'A Passing of Seasons' is the album that has stirred most interest so far here in the UK, receiving plenty of airplay on a variety of folk shows and once you hear it for yourself, you’ll know why. Insightful, intelligent songwriting combined with exquisite musicianship and strong clear vocals will always be a recipe for a good recording but Sadie and Jay possess a chemistry that takes them to the next level." - Eammon McNeil (Real Music Network UK)

“Sadie & Jay - fabulous duo, highly professional with exquisite arrangements of songs in the folk and acoustic style. Sadie is a beautiful singer and is the double bass player, while Jay provides expert well worked guitar accompaniments. Both take lead vocal and their harmonies make the hairs on the back of your head curl.” - Richard Grainger (British folk singer/songwriter & Festival Director) 

 “This all too temporary importation demanded my attention from their first offering, not only for their superb musicianship, lovely use of dynamics, vocal shading etc but really topical, relevant and brave songwriting about issues that need raising.” - Robin Brew (Hamilton Folk Club NZ)

“Sadie & Jay are attracting a growing audience and it is easy to understand why. These independent Australian artists are highly accomplished at making music. The pair don't take themselves too seriously but they certainly take their work seriously, the combination is intoxicating.” - Alison Bell (Vice President of The Brisbane Folk History Project) 

“Losing myself in the masterful instrumentation and drop dead gorgeous vocals. Beautiful work and so aptly titled. Warm, enveloping, humorous. Traditional folk references with a contemporary twist. . This is a wonderful & important addition to our local contemporary folk recording history." - Ann Leung (Recording Artist and ABC Radio Correspondent)

"Sadie and Jay really are the bees knees! They're wonderful performers, great musicians and more importantly they are smashing people. One of the best moments was when Sadie (double bass) and Jay (guitars) played a few songs. Impressive songs, beautifully sung and great stage presence. They really are good!" - Dave Wilson of Winter Wilson

“If you haven't seen them yet...or even if you have ...get to a club in your area and see them if you can. They will blow your mind. What voices and songs. FABULOUS.” - Di Henderson (Teeside Traditional singer)