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Rosario De Marco

Rosario De Marco
Performance Times

12pm, Sunday

3pm, Sunday


Rosario is a gifted musician and composer. He can create a Mediterranean atmosphere with just a guitar. His style is something between melodious picking and rhythmic percussive playing. The general impression is aggressive and experimental, he adds a lot of influences into his original tunes but it always sounds somehow rooted in the Mediterranean, yet with a unique flavour to it.

His music captures the warmth and passion of the Southern European lands, taking elements from flamenco, jazz, classical, folk and popular music. With this mixture of different musical inspirations, he creates his own personal and highly melodious style…

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"Those who enjoy guitar music that flows like a cooling stream over the soul should hear this session ... This music relaxes the listener and enhances immediate pleasures no matter how passive." - Michael Foster (Canberra Times)

"Passionate & inspired guitar playing are the two words that came to mind while listening to this CD that beautifully brings together the diverse styles of flamenco, Mediterranean, classical & folk. While there are many technically proficient guitarists, it is those who play with warmth & expressiveness that set themselves apart. With "Intuition", Rosario has recorded a truly distinctive CD that clearly establishes him as a member of the upper echelon of creative guitarists." - Norman Beberman (