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The Mezcaltones

The Mezcaltones
Performance Times

8.15pm, Friday


The Mezcaltones’ inspiration comes from the attitude of those famous Tarantino / Robert Rodrigues flicks and Spaghetti Western Cowboy movies from the 60’s. Featuring a Tex Mex, 60’s, cowboy rockabilly surf guitar style of twang and incorporating Mimi’s spellbinding dance moves they can be a little hard to pigeon hole but one thing everyone does agree upon is The Mezcaltones are there to Entertain! They have performed at 2018 GCMF; four Tamworth Country music festivals; the Sydney BLUES & ROOTS festival and Dashville Skyline Festival 2018. The Mezcaltones are more than a band, it’s a show, a journey… With ATTITUDE!

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