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Cyclo Timik

Cyclo Timik
Performance Times

4pm, Sunday

6.30pm, Sunday


Dark, twisted, witty, funny and, at times, strangely romantic elements, are joyfully rolled up into one energetic and theatrical Melbourne based, French inspired band – Cyclo Timik! Fronted by the charismatic, and at times, enigmatic, Monsieur Guilbert, the group fuse together an infectious mix of “Nouvelle chanson”, Gypsy music and alternative rock, with dark and powerful stories of love, loss and the strange nuances that encapsulate everything from intense love to a broken heart. Influenced by the likes of Negresses Vertes and Gogol Bordello, Cyclo Timik is Edith Piaf meets Serge Gainsbourg.

In keeping with true gypsy style, the accordion - played by Carlos -carries the songs and their style, whilst the earthy offbeat rhythm is held together by, Sam on bass, Thom on drums, Matt on guitar, Boris on the mournful basson and Kat weaving her violin through the top. Often joined on stage by guests and other French singers, it is the theatrical background of Monsieur Guilbert, that comes to the fore as he delivers a truly emotional and theatrical performance, which captivates and transports the audience right into his dark and twisted world! For the theatrical experience alone, Cyclo Timik are not to be missed, but it is the energy, melody and charm that will have you wanting more.

Cyclo Timik have played with great venues and festivals including Open studio, Bar Open, The Gasometer Hotel, The Retreat Hotel, Folk Rhythm and Life, The Queen Victoria Night Markets, The Renaissance Festival many great acts including Vulgargrad, Ungus Ungus Ungus, Hello Tut Tut, plus many more.

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