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7pm, Friday

9.30pm, Friday


Brothers3 (Grand Finalists of XFactor Australia, Golden Guitar Nominees and winners of 10 People’s Choice Awards) are a trio which sing mixed country, folk and original songs. Brothers3 play to packed venues and festivals across the country, delighting audiences with a mix of covers and original songs. Their eclectic musicality allows them to sing and play a variety of genres allowing audiences to soak up and enjoy their unique Brothers3 style.

Brothers3 (originally with Warner Music) are now signed to the record label LNG of Universal. There is a sophistication about the trio’s music that is truly inspirational as Brothers3 harmonies elevate their audiences to a “feel good” high and their playful banter is what captured the hearts of all Australians during their stint on Xfactor. Brothers3 have a large and dedicated fan base who follow them to events and festivals. They are award winners and have many songwriting accolades.

They are a versatile and compelling act who have the ability to tailor make their shows to suit your venue. Brothers3 bring talent, musicality and toe-tapping feel good music to your festival. They also have exquisite harmony blends that create an ambient sound which is unique to their band. Brothers3 renditions of the BeeGees and Simon and Garfunkel hits, bring audiences to a standstill, while their version of Hallelujah has received countless standing ovations by audiences at large festivals.

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Tamworth Country Music Festival 2012 t0 2020
Lake Charlegrark Country Music Festival 2019
Ballina Country Music Festival 2019
Broadbeach Christmas Carols 2019
Crown Casino Victoria/ Glasshouse Port Macquarie/Lizottes/ Canberra Country/ Central Coast Country/ Blue water Country and many clubs across Australia