Northern Beaches Music Festival Heading

2021 Festival is moving to November!

Paul Robertson

Hello friends,

Unfortunately, Covid restrictions mean we have to move the Festival from May to November.

Friday 5th - Sunday 7th November, 2021

We are pleased to invite all those performing artists who were successfully selected for the May 2021 festival to perform at the rescheduled November event. The same negotiated agreement we reached with you in May still applies and indeed the program remains the same.

We realise some of you may have circumstances that do not permit your involvement with our festival in November. Thats fine, but please let us know ASAP either way whether you are able or unable to participate.

Once we have received all of your responses we will then move to fill any holes in the program that may have been created.

Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to a brighter day in November, 2021, when the Northern Beaches Music Festival finally makes a triumphant return and shines that “golden light” on music and the performing arts!

Viva Music! Viva Festival!



Paul Robertson (Executive Producer)